Design Work Completed

>Schematic Capture
>Printed Circuit Board Layout
>Assembly Language Programming (8051)
>Firmware Programming
>Initial Fabrication

DDR Input/Output Interface Boardset
Includes SIGIO, UCCC, 7113, DDRIO, and DDRSLED Boards
SIGIO Board top view(more below)

DDRIO is an interface boardset originally consisting of an SIGIO motherboard and a UCCC daughter card.

It was used in conjunction with a Digital Disk Recorder to facilitate SDI input and Color Corrected SDI and Composite output.

Later, an additional board was built containing a better video decoder than the one resident in the DDR.

This was done to improve composite video input performance. The board is called the 7113

SIGIO Board bottom view
UCCC Board top view
UCCC Board bottom view
7113 Board top view
7113 Board bottom view
DDRIO Board Layout
DDRSLED Board Layout




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