Design Work Completed

>Schematic Capture
>PCB Layout
>Assembly Language Programming (8051)
>Firmware Programming
>Initial Fabrication



2006, 2007
Drop-in Composite Video Time Base Corrector and Audio Interface Board
DVIO Board top side
DVIO Board bottom side

The functionality included in the DVIO allows control over many internal parameters via serial data link. The Palm IIIC was chosen as the primary vehicle for control of the DVIO.

Why the Palm IIIC?

They are extremely inexpensive either used and or refurbished and are available from a number of sources such as eBay. And they have an RS-232 port which matches the port on the DVIO.

The programming of the Palm device was done in C language using software tools provided by Palm Inc.

Main Control screen
Selecting the Buttons at the top of the Main Control brings up the following screens
Decoder Filters screen
Memory screen
Test Signal screen
Info screen with no DVIO attached
Info screen with DVIO attached automatically reads status info

If you have let your PalmIIIC run down and have lost your DVIOControl program, use this link to get to a downloadable zip file containing a copy of DVIOControl.prc.

Follow the instructions on that page and reload your lost program.

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