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HDTV and SDTV Sync Generator
HD/SD System Front Panel

HD/SD System - Combination HDTV and SDTV Sync Generator

HDTV Outputs (BNC) ------ 6 HDTV tri-level sync outputs

SDTV Outputs (BNC) ------ 6 SDTV bi-level video black outputs

Power (3.5MM) -- +6V to +15V @ 800 mA (Power Supply included)


The HD/SD System is a multi-standard HDTV sync generator combined with a vertically sync-locked SDTV sync generator.

Each of these generators provide 6 outputs.

This enables the synchronization of multiple pieces of HDTV equipment with multiple pieces of existing SDTV "Presentation Video" equipment.

Extra sync-lock boxes and sync DAs are not needed.

In a 1 R.U. package you have all the signals you need for a multi-camera HDTV shoot that incorporates "Presentation Video" equipment.

With 18 HDTV standards available, this unit can be used on any job.

This unit combines the electronics of our TRILOX unit with an 18 standard HDTV sync generator and a pair of 6 output DAs in a 1 R.U. chassis.

The HDTV sync generator standard is selected using a rotary control on the front panel.

A pushbutton safety switch on the front panel must be pushed at the same time.

This prevents accidental sync standard changes during the shoot.

Once the HDTV standard is selected, the unit will power up in that standard until a new standard is selected.

The TRILOX section of the unit determines which HDTV standard has been selected, changes it's SDTV output to the appropriate standard and vertically sync-locks to the HDTV signal.

During the sync-lock phase, a Red/Green LED on the rear panel is Red.

As the vertical phase of the HDTV and SDTV signals approach coincidence, the LED rapidly alternates between Red and Green.

At sync-lock the Red and Green LEDS are on steadily.

This is the same action as seen with our TRILOX and LOX2000 units.

HD/SD System LCD Display

The front panel of the HD/SD System includes the previously mentioned Rotary standard selector and pushbutton safety switch as well as a 2 line LCD Display.

The top line of the LCD indicates the selected HDTV sync standard.

The bottom line of the LCD indicates the matching SDTV sync standard.

During the sync-lock phase(after power-up and after HDTV standard selection) the bottom line blinks on and off to show that sync-lock is in progress.

Once the bottom line of the LCD stops blinking, the HD/SD System is ready to use.

To insure maximum stability, allow the unit to warm up for 15 minutes or so.
HD/SD System Rear Panel
Video Standard HDTV Sync Generator SDTV Sync Generator
1 30.00 FPS /1080p 30.00 FPS /525i
2 29.97 FPS /1080p 29.97 FPS /525i
3 25.00 FPS /1080p 25.00 FPS /625i
4 24.02 FPS /1080p 24.02 FPS /655i
5 24.00 FPS /1080p 24.00 FPS /655i
6 23.98 FPS /1080p 23.98 FPS /655i
7 30.00 FPS /1080i 30.00 FPS /525i
8 29.97 FPS /1080i 29.97 FPS /525i
9 25.00 FPS /1080i 25.00 FPS /625i
10 24.02 FPS /1080i 24.02 FPS /655i
11 24.00 FPS /1080i 24.00 FPS /655i
12 23.98 FPS /1080i 23.98 FPS /655i
13 30.00 FPS /720p 30.00 FPS /525i
14 29.97 FPS /720p 29.97 FPS /525i
15 25.00 FPS /720p 25.00 FPS /625i
16 24.02 FPS /720p 24.02 FPS /655i
17 24.00 FPS /720p 24.00 FPS /655i
18 23.98 FPS /720p 23.98 FPS /655i
Description Price Availability
HD/SD System $5500 6 to 8 weeks