Design Work Completed

>Schematic Capture
>PCB Layout
>Assembly Language Programming (8051)
>Firmware Programming
>Initial Fabrication


LOX2000 contains a software routine to allow serial data communications between itself and a remotely located control device.

Adjustment of the LOX2000 output frequency is possible via a rotary encoder and pushbuttons on a handheld control device.

The remote control device communicates to the LOX2000 via 9600 Baud 8-N-1 TTL serial data.

Any changes in the LOX2000 settings are automatically written to the EEPROM on the LOX2000.

Remote control is only possible while the LOX2000 is not locked.

During the time that LOX2000 is locked, it outputs serial data representing the frequency that it is producing.

This data may be extracted and displayed and/or utilized to enable a remotely locked loop.


Pictured above is a prototype controller for the LOX2000. It is based on a SWDSPCTL microcontroller board and was delivered to a client who uses it to preset multiple LOX2000 units to within .001 Hz of each other.

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